Review of the 5 Best Website Building Software

Choosing the Right Webpage Building Software Depends on Your Needs


Setting up an online presence doesn’t require you to be a technological wizard, as along as you’re clear on what you’re attempting to do.

  When deciding on which website building software to use, you’ll want to be clear on certain things.

How often do you want to update your website? Are you putting up static pages, or do you want to give readers the ability to interact with you on a daily basis? Do you want to have a high level of control, or do you simply want to put something up quickly and not have to maintain it often? How much experience do you have designing websites?

This review of the five best website building software will give you an idea on what’s available according to your specific needs.


Blogs are able to drive lots of traffic and provide lots of reader interaction. WordPress tops the list as the best software for setting up a blog.

From experience, I’ve found that a well-updated blog about a specific niche often gets more traffic than a static website. Static websites can look nice, but they’re not useful if no one is reading them. There is also a certain level of interactivity because readers can subscribe to blogs and leave comments daily.

WordPress is the best website building software when it comes to blogs because of its ease of use. At the same time it allows a great level of control when it comes to adding widgets and customizing blogs templates.

Runs On: Mac or PC since it’s an online website building software.

Price: If you don’t plan on monetizing your blog, you can get a free one at Otherwise, most website self-hosting plans can install WordPress for you, and the monthly costs of plans usually start as low as $6 -7 a month.


If you want a certain level of control and are familiar with Adobe products or some web design, Dreamweaver is a great choice.

Once I learned a little about web and graphics design, I started to see Dreamweaver as one of the best when it comes to website building software. Dreamweaver allows you to add Flash animations onto a website. Since it was also bought out by Adobe, it easily works alongside graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop. Your ability to change and tweek a website is only limited by your knowledge of web design and familiarity with Dreamweaver.

Runs On: Mac or PC.

Price: $400. If you buy The CS5 Web Premium bundle, you get Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, and Photoshop Extended for $1,399.

Intuit Website Creator

If you’re looking for a website building software with many templates and you don’t have too much web experience, Intuit is a good choice.

The interface is really easy, allowing a drag and drop option and you can quickly build a website from over 2,000 templates and 250,000 stock photos. The results are easy to make, 5 page websites that you can quickly put up on the Internet. The Paypal integration is also very useful for setting up payments from customers.

Runs On: Mac or PC, it’s an online website building software.

Price: $4.99 a month


Joomla is a great website building software if you want to put up content quickly and not have to manage it often.

Joomla is a content management system. This means it’s similar to a blog in that you can add new content when you’re able to, but it’s not as demanding when it comes to maintenance. You don’t have to constantly monitor comments or post regularly.

Setting it up is very easy to do with many premade templates. The difference between Joomla and Intuit is that you’re allowed more freedom to edit scripts with Joomla, and is great if you have some prior website building experience.

Runs On: Mac or PC, it’s an online website building software.

Price: Free to download if you already have hosting. Otherwise, most website self-hosting plans can install Joomla for you, and the monthly costs usually start as low as $6 -7 a month.

Web Easy Professional

This is one of the best in website building software when it comes to WYSIWG (what you see is what you get).

WYSIWG means you can work on building a website within the program, and whatever you see on your screen, is exactly what it will look like on the Internet. Its like having Microsoft Word, except as a website building software.

There are more than 500 templates available for making a website, and is great for someone who has never built a website or doesn’t plan on using a program like Dreamweaver. Also, just like Intuit, it allows you to build websites based on templates, but you can edit it without having to know scripts.

Runs On: Windows

Price: $49.95


Best Website Building Software: WordPress

Best Website Building Software: Dreamweaver

Best Website Building Software: Intuit Website Creator

Best Website Building Software: Joomla

Best Website Building Software: Web Easy Professional 8

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