Murphy and Mary

Hey we are Murphy and Mary Martin from Hammond, LA. We have one beautiful Son his name is Boston and you might can tell from his name we are big RedSox fans,  Patriots and Saints fans too. We feel in love with blogging and podcasting from listening to and view many different site such as jayandjack.com, Lostpehia, but our favorite and there  a close place for in them  our hearts are Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft at gspn.tv. We found them by searching for LOST podcasts and since then for over 3 years we have loved and become good friends we them. They have help us get this started here at JSN and I just want to say Thank you. Cliff is a great teacher if you ever need help with anything podcasting he is your man just go over to gspn.tv and he can help you like he help us.

Well this is something Mary and I have wanted to do for along time and time the finally came. We love all that is the world of Pop Culture. We are big LOST fans so you might hear me compare it to everything but hey I am totally hooked. The blog is up the 1st podcast has been posted and we both hope that you can live this journey with us. This is as much for us and it is for you guys so start giving us input either through our blogs or at feedback@justsayingnetwork.com or even call us at 985-635-2039.


Thanks for all your support

Murphy and Mary Martin