Apple Event round-up: iPhones and Watches



At Apple event, we finally got to see all the things we’ve been anticipating and expecting. The Apple Watch — formerly and unofficially the iWatch — was announced, as were two new iPhones. Additionally, we got to see a plethora of new software tweaks for Apple’s mobile efforts, and a slew of new hardware advancements that make Apple’s newest offerings their best ever.

The Apple Watch (which I still want to call the iWatch) gives an excuse for Apple fans to both stay with iOS, and interact with their world in new ways. Apple Watch works in just about every way you’d imagine a good wearable would; it corrals your health data, allows you to utilize mobile payments easily, and brings a new interface and experience to the fold.

Apple Watch has a unique design aesthetic, which we can see plenty of fans not being to thrilled with. It’s a bit bulkier than we’d hoped for, but is necessarily so. The S1 chipset inside is sandwiched components, which naturally adds to the overall heft. Still, Apple made good use of that chubby design, bringing in a neat way to switch out watch bands, and rounding the edges for a better swiping experience.

I think all the products are great but the Apple Watch has a starting rate of $350 for the basic model, which mean the Sport Edition will be around $500 and the 18k Gold edition will be close t0 $700. In a world of Smart Watches this is way to high. They should have been in the same price range as the Moto 360 or Samsung Gear but hey Apple’s Watch is prettier. We will see how good it is sometime in early 2015.

Author: Murphy

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