Fantasy Baseball and Football Insurance – Intermarket Insurance Agency, Huntington, NY

Have you been a Fantasy Football or Baseball player for a long time like me? I’ve been playing since 1992 and love it more each year. Do you play in a pay for play league? If so i know all of you have been hit by the losing your first round pick blues. Well the website below can help you not lose to much of your hard earned real money on your fantasy team. So long time players / insurance guys got together and setup Fantasy...

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Some are asking what’s an unprotected draft is in the NBA

I have gotten a few emails on the Chris Paul trade and have been asked what does unprotected draft mean? Well here is mean it means: Unprotected picks allow the team to get any draft #. The Pick is theirs no matter if it’s a lottery pick or not. A protected pick will give that pick unless it’s a top 3. For example say the Clippers sent a protected pick to the Hornets for someone. The Hornets would have to wait till the...

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The ups and down of the Chris Paul Trade (How this almost killed the “New Orleans” Hornets)

Well it’s been a long a winding road for the NBA this off season but has been worse for the fans of the “New Orleans” Hornets. First they don’t have an owner, they are being ran by the NBA which really wants to sell the team no matter what David Stern says. He is so hated that he has passed up Howard as the most hated Stern. In my opinion Paul would have never been traded if not for the crazy outcall of protest...

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