ChromeCast the hottest new Gadget on the market


Well one of the questions I get asked all the time what is the next big thing in the gadget world well Google has given us that answer. As I talked about on my segment on the Denny Schaffer show on Wednesdays at 8:20am (Shameless Plug) We talked about if you ever wanted a Smart TV, one that can stream live feeds from the internet Netflix, Hulu, Youtube etc.., and couldn’t afforded one well now you can make you HDTV a SmartTV for $35. Yes you heard or read right $35!!! Google has released what they are calling Google ChromeCast its about the size of a USB thumb with a HDMI plug that plugs right into your TV and you can use your phone, tablet, PC or even Mac as the remote for it.

Click here to get more info about this Must Have well at least until The PS4 and XBOX ONE come outs in November.


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