Down Goes Kimbo Down Goes Kimbo…


By Murphy Martin

Well Kind of !! The biggest name on this year Ultimate Fighter lost his first fight on national TV by TKO and didn’t even put on a good fight. Not saying Big Country Roy Nelson is not a good fighter but in the words of Dana White ” he did just enough to win and not get hit.”  I feel that if Roy and Kimbo would have meet on PPV that their paydays would of been high but us as viewers would have been low because of the fight both guys put on. Dana White said ” It was like let is little girl hold me down and hit over and over.”  Kimbo or Roy are not ready for UFC.  Well no one on the years show has shown anything that would prove that any of the competitors are ready for the Octagon.

Well that’s me JUST SAYING…


Let me know what you think.

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