Biggest Stories of E3 2016



These are the E3 2016 stories that have generated the most attention:

Project Scorpio Revealed


Microsoft has been developing a new, more powerful Xbox One model known as Scorpio. The company announced it right at the end of its press conference – and in doing so, it took control of the iterative future of games consoles. We’ll look back on this as the moment things changed in console-world.

Everything About Nintendo’s New Zelda

Technology instead of magic. A world full of things you can climb, break apart or set on fire. A mysteriously disheveled Hyrule. Different weapons you can scavenge, use and break. It’s Zelda as we’ve never seen it; I didn’t dare to even hope that it would look this promising. Could be a great start for the NX.

FIFA 17 Has a Story Mode

The biggest thing to happen to FIFA since Ultimate Team, and an attempt to communicate some of the human drama of the sport from EA’s FIFA team. The story mode, called The Journey, has been very well received, and rightfully so; EA could theoretically just keep marginally improving its market-leading simulation of football forever, but this is something new.

Skyrim is Getting Remastered

Cool though it will be to see Skyrim – one of the biggest games ever – on current-gen consoles, I still can’t shake the disappointment that it’s not Morrowind.

God of War 4 Revealed

New God Of War Confirmed, Moves To Norse Mythology

Kratos is now Dad of War, and is now part of the world of Norse mythology, along with his son. I’ll tell you one thing nobody expected from a new God of War demo: any kind of moment of emotional resonance. God of War 4 looks like it’s vastly expanding the series’ range, on that front and more.

An Introduction to Hideo Kojima’s new Project

People Are Trying To Decipher The Trailer For Hideo Kojima's New Game, Death Stranding

Death Stranding (featuring naked Norman Reedus) is just wonderfully baffling, in the way that only Kojima games really are. It’s so great to have him back, bombast and all, after his bizarre muzzling towards the end of the development of Metal Gear Solid V.

Resident Evil 7 is a VR Game

We’d heard whispers about Resi 7, though never quite enough to be sure – but one thing we’d NOT heard is that it would be a VR game. And that there’d be a demo ready for this very week.

Insomniac’s New Spider-Man

PS4 Is Getting A New Spider-Man Game

Lord knows how they managed to prise the licence away from Activision, butInsomniac is making a new Spider-Man game – and it’s PS4 exclusive. This was one of those pre-show rumours that seemed too far-fetched to be true, but I was delighted to be proven wrong.

All Xbox Games are now Windows 10 Games, and Vice Versa

Microsoft’s strategy of convergence was unveiled at its press conference: the company doesn’t care where you’re playing its games anymore, only that you’re playing them. Buy a game on Xbox One and you can play it on Windows 10 too, and there will be no divisions across multiplayer. It’s a strategy with risks, but also one with vision.

Prey is Back From the Dead

After years in development hell, Arkane studios’ Prey was finally, finally shown at Bethesda’s press conference. With visual echoes of The Darkness and strong dystopian-sci-fi leanings, it stood out amongst all the week’s new game announcements.

Fallout 4 is Coming to HTC Vive

If you could sum up people’s reactions to VR in general so far in one sentence, it would probably be: yes, but is it any good for proper games? I guess we’ll find out next year, when Fallout 4 is released on the HTC Vive. This could be something of a landmark moment for the technology.

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