NFL Playoff Picture starting to come into focus..

 left in  the NFL season and the playoff picture is becoming into focus. Both conferences playoff births are nearly locked up and all that remains is seeding. The upcoming two weeks might bring some change, we will break down the AFC and NFC into the frontrunner, team that could surprise us as sleepers, and sleeper teams on the bubble that are fighting to get  in who could do the most damage.



Frontrunner’s- New England

After this week there’s not a clear front-runner that are head and shoulders above the rest, but after this week it has to be the New England Patriots.  Even though the Broncos aren’t the strongest opponents, New England stopped The Tebow Train from making a comeback by getting a big lead.  Some will say that the Patriots D is dead last and can’t stop a good QB but most people look at the Packers as the best team and Points Against  are the same at 21.2 tied at 18 and they are scoring 31.2 3rd highest in the NFL. So as long as the Brady Bunch can stay health they are FrontRunner’s

Sleeper- Pittsburgh

Almost ever year they limp their way into the playoffs, and find a way to win but they year
I think injuries will cost them possibly another game, most likely locking them into a wild-card birth.  The most notable injured is Ben Roethlisberger who looked nowhere near his normal self against San Francisco.  This team is dangerous, but if they come limping into the playoffs they could catch their opponent off guard and shock some people.
Sleeper on the outside looking in- San Diego
Yes, even after their crazy roller coaster season, the Chargers are still alive for the playoffs.  Whether it be a division title or wild-card, San Diego just isn’t the kind of team you want to see come playoff time.  On Sunday night we saw them embarrass the Baltimore Ravens who have been one of the best teams all year-long.  Bottom line, when San Diego is hot, it’s very hard to keep up with them, especially with Norv Turner’s job on the line you can bet this team will be going 110% the rest of the way.

Frontrunner’s – Green Bay

Even after losing on the road to Kansas City this past week, the Packers are still the most dangerous team in the NFC, if not the NFL.  Even after struggling so much, they were still almost able to come back and maintain their perfect season.  Now that perfection is lost, maybe this will be a wake up call the Green Bay and help keep them motivated for their upcoming playoff run.
Sleeper- Dallas
This may be too soon to talk about the Cowboys being a playoff threat due to the fact that if the Giants win out, New York will clinch the division.  However, seeing how good the Cowboys were last week it is hard to ignore them, even though it was against one of the most disappointing teams this year in Tampa Bay.  Yes, I know that Tony Romo and the Cowboys typically flop come this time of the year, but if they win the division they have shown they have the firepower to outscore anybody and a defense that can shut down anyone.  Their only problem being the Cowboys is doing this consistently.  Again, if they can retain the form of the team that we saw last Saturday night, Dallas could make some noise with a deep playoff run.

Sleeper on the outside looking in- Seattle

Seattle needs help to get into the playoffs, a lot of help.  Putting aside the slim chance they have of making it lets pretend that Seattle does make it.  Arguably no one else would be coming in as hot as the Seahawks.  A big part of this has been Marshawn Lynch, who in the past two months has been playing like the guy who turned on beast mode against the Saints in last years unforgettable wild-card upset of the New Orleans Saints (that’s why the game is played).  And if they did some how end up making the playoffs, ironically they would most likely go against the Saints, only this time in the Superdome.  Now I’m not saying what happened last year will happen again, but you never know, Seattle is hot right now, and history usually favors teams coming in hot over teams backing in.
Well this is just my View of the Playoff  Just Saying… What’s yours Also click here to see’s Playoff Picture Bracket
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