FaceBook Timeline Good or Bad? How do you feel about it and A How-To

Well the buzz about Facebook TimeLine has been at an all-time high. After months of previewing the new look to developers Facebook has officially rolled out the Timeline layout for everyone. Facebook is giving its users 7 days to decide what they want to post to Timeline before its open to everyone to see. So if back in 2007 you got drunk and posted pics or you might have said something about a coworker that you thought would never come back up you might want to go through all your old posts this week.

The new layout displays stories — statuses, pictures, shared links, notes, etc. — that branch off of a center line. Facebook has added some events to user timelines based on information it already has from profiles, such as the year users graduated college or started new jobs.

I don’t like the idea but many do and more don’t. I feel like if its not broke don’t fix it and Facebook has been so good the way it has been since its beginning I am not sure why the change. But hey some like change and this is change.  Let’s see in the coming weeks what we all have to say about it.

Well that my view point Just Saying


See video below on a how to for Timeline

Author: Murphy

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