FlashForward EP 2 “White To Play”



Well its EP 2 and not much more then we knew last week about the “Blackouts” and the “FlashForwards”.  We did learn that there are at least 2 people who didnt blackout. Something is up with what the kids saw they seem to have seen something different then the adults. This must be a key to the overall mythology. What do you think of the kids flashforwards?

Well we got to see the real D. Gibbons she is just not the one we wanted to see. Also doesn’t it seem that Lloyd is a part of this. He said tonight that he didn’t remember Olivia but you would remember a new person plus one half naked if you had a vision of the future. So I believe he didn’t have a vision because he was one of the ones who didn’t blackout.  Could they be THE TRUTH HACK maybe? Let me know what you think.

Didn’t you find it unbelievable that they lived through a blast like what happen in the doll factory in Utah? Also the guy used a ide cable to make a line mind. LOL

And what do you take from what the Fake D. Gibbons said ” He who for sees calamities suffers them twice over”  and the crazy kids song that was playing both when Charlie is playing blackout with the kids and in the doll factory?

Also I think Theo from 2min17sec.blogspot.com came up with it 1st but why would someone be having a ultra sound at 10pm at night  like Janice Hawk.

Well I give this week a 3 out of 5 stars, its keeping my interest. I am liking where they are going as long as it doesn’t go over a cliff or should I dare said JUMP THE SHARK.

Well that’s me JUST SAYING…

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    the boy asked for olivia when he was wheeled into hospital. after surgery is he no longer autistic? his father and olivia in denial of their flashforward. if the girl saw male d gibbons, will father ask her to look at photos or will he avoid it also. maybe he starts drinking when partner killed. ultrasound at night not unusual if done at hospital, who’s baby is it?

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