FlashForward: “No More Good Days” What do you think?

By Murphy Martin



Well it’s finally here ABC’s most talked about replacement for LOST. Well what do you think can it take the place of LOST? Can it live up to the hype, or will it just be another one and done?

The jury is still out, I am not sure what to think yet. I am a very big fan of the book and it seems they are going in a totally different direction.

There was a lot of LOST Easter eggs which was cool. Did you see them? Which ones did you catch? One was the Oceanic sign 30 years and no accidents.

So any theories yet? Who are you looking forward to the most to get to know? I did like they put Lloyd in the show.

Are you a fan of the book, let us know about your feelings of how it was changed?

 Well I just want to say I LIKED IT didnt LOVE IT but it has promise!!! Oh yeah WHAT UP WITH THAT KANGAROO is that their Polar Bear?

Well this is me Just Saying!!!

Author: Murphy

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  • benlinus

    Flashforward has a chance to be the big hit of the year.

  • Jim from OK

    There was a lot of things good about it and some bad things but the good out weighs the bad bring on DM

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