FlashForward Podcast EP 001 No More Good Days

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The first week of FLASHFORWARD was fast paced and set the show in the direction. Mary and I discuss all that is FlashForward



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Author: Murphy

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  • Charlotte

    Listened to the whole thing. Thought you both did a wonderful job. You both have good clear voices (not too southern.
    Questions: was the book written by the same writers or producers of the show? Or was this just a good book picked up by the producer? When was the book written? Does the book have references to “Lost”? Could the flash forward have changed history so that Lost never happened and Oceanic Air still has a perfect safety record?

  • A very nice podcast. Well done. I am not the world’s largest fan of recaps, but the fact that you include your analysis of the scene with rather than later makes the show flow nicely.

    In response to Charlotte’s earlier comment – David Goyer, Brandon Braga, and Mark Guggenheim are not the writers of the book. The author is Robert J Sawyer, who is an award winning and quite prolific sci-fi writer. The book was first published in the late 90’s I believe. Goyer and his wife Jessika Borzinsky Goyer (another Flashforward producer) first read the book and did a movie treatment – then several years later, approached HBO about doing it as a TV series. HBO thought it would be better for Broadcast TV and allowed Goyer to shop it to ABC/Fox. When ABC won ‘the bidding war’ Braga (who writes for Fox’s 24) severed his writing ties with the show but remains on as an executiive producer, and HBO still gets some rights-sharing royalties for the show as well – even though it is on ABC.

    Mr. Sawyer, though not a producer of the TV show, has given it his full endorsement and will in fact be writing at least one of the episodes for this season.

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