Legendary Wrestling Venue to stop having #Wrestling.


ECW Arena

Over the years we have lost many great wrestling venues. Irish McNeil Boys Club in Shreveport, LA home to Mid South Wrestling, the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX home of World Class Championship Wrestling and the Mid South Coliseum in Memphis, TN just to name a few. But they were all either burned down, demolished, or to ran do to stay open.

Now in his most recent article Tommy Dreamer discussed the end of wrestling at the ECW Arena.

“Apparently new ownership is coming in and its brass wants to make the arena a venue for larger events, such as concerts and the like. On top of that, they apparently don’t want to host professional wrestling or boxing shows there anymore. Financially, to me, that makes zero sense. If I were a building owner, I would want to have as many renters come into my establishment as humanly possible so I can make money.”

My view: This is harder to take then the others because it’s not closing, or lose to a fire or just old the new owner just think wrestling is beneath them. It’s hard because the fans of ECW and all wrestling that’s been at the venue of the years can still drive by and see it they can still hear the cheers. I know that it hurt me when I found out about the Irish McNeil Boys Club I grow up watching wrestling there and seeing it everyday Saturday or sunday mornings but I can’t see it and morn.

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Author: Murphy

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