Live vs DVR


By Murphy Martin

Well like most of you, we don’t have alot of time to watch our favorite TV show LIVE. So we record them and watch them later. So what show do you have to watch LIVE and can’t wait for? For me its LOST and only LOST. Now I can’t say that I don’t watch it later but I have to watch it Live. Just the feeling of watching it Live is like a drug. The way it was when I was a boy and didn’t have a VCR or DVD or HULU. We live in a time where we have to have it when we WANT IT. Is this good or bad?

One thing I hate most about the DVR is the ratings. Nielsen should change the way that they do ratings but we can’t leave Hollywood or the Entertainment world to keep up with the world of technology like we do. So we need to get behind a change in the ratings goto and let them know we want a change. It’s up to us the save our favorite shows from being canceled for low ratings. When we know that DVR views are not being counted.

Let me know how you feel!!

Let me Just Saying….

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