Open Mic: New Android phones will always be listening

Open Mic: New Android phones will always be listening

In a bit of a leak of information this weekend, Google’s next-generation software spilled on the heels of the upcoming Motorola smartphone Moto X. This device will be working with Google’s next iteration of their mobile software and will act as a bit of a centerpiece for said software, showing off abilities like voice commands with a system that’s able to listen all the time.



While this sort of constant listening ability isn’t new, it’ll certainly stoke the flames with users fearful of the privacy-invading abilities of miniature monitors of all kinds. If you take Google Glass for example, you see so much fear of the unknown that it’s striking – just because the device allows a camera to be mounted to a person’s face, the public loses its collective mind over Big Brother-esque possibilities.

Here with Google’s next version of Android – at least as it rests in the Moto X, you’ll have sound being drawn upon at any given moment. Google Glass also has abilities similar to this with its own always-on voice recognition system.

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