10 Possibilities Other Than #ChrisJericho for the #WWE #ItBegins on Jan 2 2012

I think most believe it’s going to believe it’s going to be Chris Jericho as the mystery force behind WWE’s It Begins Promos, but who are the other possible choices?

10. Kurt Angle – Yes he is still in TNA and I am not sure of his contract with them but he has claimed He is the best wrestler is the world. The WWE would make a big deal out of his return but it would be a long shot.

9. The Rock as a Heel- The WWE needs something to happen to make the Rock vs Cena feud to be exciting like turn one of the two heel but not sure if  “Dwayne” would want to do this when he has big movies set to debut.

8.  Batista– Big Dave has been bad mouthing the WWE on Twitter as of late on the Championship decisions of making Daniel Bryan WHC and he has held that title before so the “coming back claim what’s his” could be setup a feud with Bryan. Not sure what kind of shape he is in for a return but this is one likely candidate.

7.  Brock Lesnar- He has voiced interest in return and he was added to the WWE 12 Video Game but he is still under contract with the UFC. Let see how he does in his match with Overeem if he gets KOed he might back in the WWE on the following RAW

6. Brodus Clay- WWE might try to pull a quick one and have show up on January 2nd to throw us off, but you still have consider him. He had his own Promos before so he is a long shot but who knows with these writers.

5. Skip Sheffield aka RyBack- With the some of the crazy tweets as of late which have now been deleted and the Ryback gimmick being a Terminator type figure and Terminator is all about the “end of the world as we now it” he has to be in conversation but I feel that a lot of fans would really let down.

4. Undertaker – Well I hope not but this has his markings all over it. Dark meanings, riddles, and end of the world stuff, but i feel that fans would let down by Taker too.

3. Evolution reunion This is a kind of new theory but one we should look at.  At first some thought that we would have a NWO reunion but why not an Evolution return. It could setup two heel turns (HHH and Orton) a return for Batista a program with Undertaker Wrestlemania which looks like where they are going. Also they can try to recruit people such as Punk or Cena setting future feuds when they say NO. (kind of like Sting and the Horsemen) Also they have a girl tried to them Steph.

2. John Cena Heel turn – WWE has hinted at this for a while but nothing as came of it but I changed my mind when at SummerSlam Stephanie came out of Cena’s Locker room with no explanation. This could tie him to a girl and his heel turn would shock all the little kids “changing the world as we know” and “I can’t help you anymore” could be to the fans meaning he has always said he has done it for the fans now he can say he is doing for ME.

1. a tie Vince Mcmahon or Attitude Era returns- The reason why I made it a tie is because both could happen. As said in my other post on this Click here to see. I Feel that Vince is the Little Boy and Linda is the Little girl giving him his power back. This is my number one guess and Jericho number 2. Vince has built-in feuds when he comes back with Punk, Cena, the Fans and the WWE itself for taking his job. Also the Little Boy is dressed like Vince and has the same haircut.

With all that said i am like a kid in a candy store or because of the season a Kid on Christmas morning I CANT WAIT

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Author: Murphy

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