Spoilers Yes or No ? I SAY NO ! How do you feel ?


There are sites such as www.spoilerfix.com , www.spoilersnews.comor DarkUFO for you LOST fans. There are thousands of others, which can give us all the info we could ever want. But do you really want to know? I know there a the fans out there that can’t wait the ones that need their fix RIGHT NOW! For me I don’t want to know. As a LOST fan its had not to find out and its harder to not find spoilers then to find spoilers. My questions to you guys is using LOST as the example if you could get the BIG spoiler from Damon, Carlton or even Matthew Fox who is said to know the final image would you want to know? I WOULD SAY A HEARTY NOOOOOOOO! The trip is half the fun! Well let us know how you feel ?????? 

This is Murphy and I am JUST SAYING….

Author: Murphy

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