WWE “TheEndBegins2012” ( It Begins 6th Promo ) The Final Promo


Well we have the Newest clip and we are still have no more clue who this is then we did before. Let’s hope that WWE doesn’t drop the ball on this like they have done before. The Anonymous Raw General Manager, the Death of Vince, the many faces of Kane, and the WCW invasion angle that could have been as big as the NWO was in the beginning if they played it right. I also hope that it’s not a bait and switch like the old WCW used to do on Nitro and Thunder. Well any way you look at it we are all glued to our TV waiting for the promos, and searching the Internet for clues.

Over the weekend I thought about where the angle could go.  You can mark this down as an off the wall choice but hey no different than anyone else. What if the little boy is Vince and the little girl is Dixie Carter and Vince is buying TNA and the  sales go through on Jan 2 2012. What made me think this is that in the 5th promo she said  ” I Can’t Help you anymore” Dixie has always said she wants to help TNA bring wrestling back. So this might be the way of handing the company over to Vince. I know don’t roll your eyes its far fetched but so is Hulk Hogan coming back with the NWO and I have heard that too.

Either way we all will be watching this Monday Night January 2 2012 on RAW at 9pm est/ 8pm cst on the USA Network.

I said it in the beginning and I am going to stick with that it is Vince or Shane taking the company back.

This is my thought Just Saying

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Author: Murphy

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