TV Land and TV Guide Network Add “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


Its there a funny show on TV right now. I think not!! Not since Seinfeld has TV been this funny. About to finish it’s 7th season Larry adn gang are just as funny as they were at the begining, what makes it so much more funny is think that George Costanza is Larry David. The episodes this season have been classic, and we are finally getting our Seinfeld reunion. Man I can’t wait.

Well for all of us who are Curb fans: TV Land and TV Guide Network have announced they will be acquiring basic cable rights to the  series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Curb Your Enthusiasm has gained a lot of media attention this season. The show will feature a Seinfeld reunion eleven years in the making. Curb Your Enthusiasm will begin airing in February 2010.

Well this is Murphy and I am just saying…

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