Update on #WWE #ItBegins Promos (possible spoiler)

Could Y2J be the Mystery Force


Sources inside the WWE are saying that Chris Jericho will appear as the Mystery Force on Monday Night’s Raw from Memphis TN on Jan 2 2012. Jericho is saying he is finished with the WWE. So is this a smoke screen from the WWE or from Jericho one or both could be lying and it will be someone else. But all things or pointing to a Chris Jericho return.

How do you feel about this? let us know

In my view not saying that have Jericho back in the WWE wouldn’t be great but most saw this as the person from the beginning. I wish we could get  the best of both worlds and get Jericho back but he is a part of the Force’s plan to taking over

Just saying… 

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  • Anonymous

    I feel the WWE Drop the ball what do you think

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