WWE Let Down or Success for the return of YJ2 Its Begins Angle.

 Well last night saw the answer to the 6 week long mystery of IT Begins angle. Well were you let down or were you happy. I felt a little let down not that was Y2J but that the program building up to the return really made no since. I feel that last night was a setup to have him be a heel, but please explain the videos. Only thing I can take from it is that CM Punk is the she is the video because not SHE talked last night adn the videos last night were shown after Punk was shown each time. So i feel that the SHE has to be a pun for Punk.

So now to his return :

With a lighted jacket and a screaming arena of fans, Jericho’s return was much like ones from the past. He reveled in the audience’s reaction at first, but then it appeared like he enjoyed it too much as he tried to continue chants, screamed for the crowd to get louder and did not speak into the microphone. Jericho left WWE fans confused and upset. Even though he remained happy, he did not say a word and simply walked out of the arena. It seemed like the start of a new storyline arc for Jericho as the WWE Universe was left waiting until next week to find out more about his plans.

I feel like this is WWE droping the ball I would have had the light go black during the World Title match and attack both men the put the title belt on Punk chest and laugh while saying BEST IN THE WORLD Yeah Right. We all now this is where its going so plant the seed now. Maybe he will bring in more wrestlers to make a stabe of returning guys (Lesner, Clay etc..)  and speaking of Clay what in the hell is the WWE doing with this kid.

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    I feel the WWE drop the ball on this! How do you guys feel? Let your voice be heard

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