Great Article about #wwe #Jan22012 Promos

Over the Bleacher Reports Brett Lyons has a great article about the Jan 2 Promos.

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My View: Man this is getting good wrestling needs this kind of shot in the arm. WWE get some press when CM Punk started his pipe bomb promos and retirement angle but the Creative team drop the ball on that. So let hope for our sake that they don’t do that again and this angle has a great payoff. I still feel its Vince and Linda giving him back control of the company or that its Chris Jericho and the little girl is Punk as the red-headed step child. Only Vince and the writers know and the countdown (no pun attended “Jericho”) is on until Jan 2 2012 in Memphis TN on Monday Night RAW

I havent been this excited about wrestling since i was a boy and I am 39


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